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    Salt Mine "Wieliczka" is one of the most precious monuments of the material and spiritual culture on the polish lands, visited yearly by over a million of tourists from all over the world.

    There are beautiful chambers carved in a salt, amazing underground lakes, majestic carpentry constructions and unique salt sculptures. Nearly 3 kilometers of winding halls, 800 stairs to walk and a descent to the depth of 135 meters below the ground level. No wonder that already 36 million of adventurous tourists from all over the world have admired the beauties of tourist route, then main trail of the Salt Mine “Wieliczka”.

    Salt Mine “Wieliczka” is also a health resort and has got medicinal properties of the underground environment. It uses the unique microclimate within the mine excavations for treatment: the air without any contamination or allergens with a constant temperature and high humidity relieved from the harmful radiation.

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    Retained place of memory of the Hitler’s prisoners, consisting of two parts of the former concentration camp: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau.

    The place of the one of most known and cruel German concentration camps and the place of execution and extermination of Jews between 1940 -1944. Visitors can see the area and most of the former concentration objects. The visit with the tour guide allows us to understand this unique place better, the place connected with a tragedy. You need 3,5 hour to visit and get know the tragic history of this place. One part of the buildings is closed for visitors (these are “reserve blocks”, administration and museum department). Before visiting you are requested to read the visit rules.

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    If you want to see the most known and popular places in Zakopane on account of the tourist traffic, visit Krupówki, the oldest street- Kościeliska street and town monuments. The cemetery on Pęksowy Brzyzk or nearby located Stary Kościół (Old Church), monumental Koliba’s Villa, the chapel on Jaszczurówka- these are the most popular way of visiting the city of Zakopane. However, if you enjoy exploring more, you should go for a walk to Kuźnice in order to admire restored court- park buildings from XIX century. You can reach the top of Antalówka or Gubałówka and watch the panorama of Zakopane and Tatra Mountains from Hawrań till Osobita. The trip to Gubałówka, on that you can go using funicular, will bring unforgettable feelings. In order to use the wide tourist offer of Zakopane city completely, you should have the tour guide or provide yourself with a guide including a long list of trails. We should remember that going on foot is the best and the healthiest way of getting to know the city of Zakopane, which should be the obligatory point on the tourist trail of the southern Poland.

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    Rafting through the Pieniny Mountains is one of the most comfortable variants of visiting the Pieniny National Park. Crossing the river and listening to the stories and legends told by the raftsmen at the same time bring closer to the history of this area. Pieniny Mountains are beautiful picturesque mountain landscapes and the richness of trails that were crossed by famous poets and writers since centuries. Pieniny National Park is a protected area because of its rich nature virtues and a variety of species. Pristine places around Dunajec river bewitch with pureness and richness of the attractive trails.

    Rafting through the Pieniny Mountains is one of the most comfortable variants of visiting the Pieniny National Park. There are not many people from Little Poland who have not experienced the charm of this place. This is the obligatory tourist point on the map of southern Poland. Crossing the river and listening to the stories and legends told by the raftsmen at the same time bring closer to the history of this area. The tradition of organizing river rafting reaches the year 1832. The Association of Pieniny Raftsmen came into being in 1934. Today it consists of around 900 members and over 500 of them work in their profession.

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    Częstochowa is a religious capital city of Poland. There is a famous Pauline Monastery on Jasna Góra and also a well-known and noted for its grace miraculous painting- the painting of God’s Mother of Częstochowa.

    St. Pope John Paul II was strongly connected with the painting of God’s Mother of Częstochowa. As a Pope he has visited this place six times. After the memorable assassination attempt in 1981 he presented God’s Mother with the bloodstained belt with the bullet trace. In 1983 he prayed in this place to thank for saving his life. In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI visited Jasna Góra.

    While visiting the Monastery you can also see the Treasury, Knight’s Room, Chapel of National Memory, Refectory, Tower, Goglotha of Jasna Góra and the stations of the Cross.

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    Wadowice is a family home of Karol Wojtyla. Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is also a very special place for St. Pope John Paul II.

    In the vicinity of Cracow there are a lot of places connected with the person of John Paul II.

    Among these places we can mention Wadowice- the place of birth and youth of Karol Wojtyla, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage, Polish Goglotha, which is visited by pilgrims since years, and well-know to Pope John II Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki. During the time of occupation the Pope was passing the Sanctuary by on the way to work in Solvay and stopped by the monk chapel every day.

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    If you enjoy communing with history, you cannot miss the visit of the market square and the Old Town of Cracow. Today the visit of the former royal residence is a fascinating journey into history of Poland, to the times of its heyday and its fall as well. One of the biggest European market squares along with the precious monuments is a priceless pearl in the hearth of the town. Many legends, traditions of Cracow and historic events are connected with the Market Square. One of them is the bugle-call, played every hour on one of the towers of St. Mary’s Church, also The Lajkonik parade in June, inauguration of the Rooster King or the nativity scene competition in December. St. Mary’s Church,The Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Church of St. Wojciech is only the beginning of the adventure which within your reach. Amazing feelings do not let you forget this place and the wide offer of museums and tourist attractions guarantees the choice of the proper thematic trail. Get to know the history of Cracow or just take a sit in one of the restaurants and take in the atmosphere of the over hundred-year-old tenements.

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